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Web3 boardgames for the culture

Welcome to Billion Dollar Game Society, where we build board games to test real-life game . These aren’t just any board games, but they are built with web3.0 technology in mind. What does that mean? Well you can buy the board game separately and enjoy with your friends and family or you can buy one of our exclusive NFTs that come with our Board Games. With the NFT you’ll get bonuses, unlock new features, free entry to all tournaments/events, and early access to our Play to Learn to Earn Platform.

Are you ready to test your game? Want to see who from your friends can stack up the most money? Who from your group  can build the dopest products? Who has the knowledge and hustle to increase the value of your whole community?  Sign up to get an update on our latest release.

Featured Game


The game where you learn to diversify your income in order to build wealth no matter the economic environment. Can you hustle your way out of debt and stack money, no matter the market? 

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By being part of our Billion Dollar Game Society you’ll have an opportunity to purchase our limited edition NFTS. With every NFT purchase you also will automatically receive a copy of our current board game to play with your friends and family. We also will be dropping a BDGS Token which will be given to all NFT owners before it’s dropped to the public.  Want to learn more? Click Below…


We have multiple games in the work and we want to give you the ability to vote for our next game after Run-It-Up. 

Build Dope Ish

Web Design Mockup Web Developer  - JanBaby / Pixabay

The game focused around building products. Build your own physical or digital products from scratch and dominate the market. 

Buy the Block

Increase the value of your neighborhood by investing in rentals, house flips, and commercial properties. Compete with other investors, big corporations, and the government.

Started from the Bottom: The Start Up Game

Money Rocket Space Profit Boost  - mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Find a Niche, build your team, develop your brand, and dominate the competition.

Cancel Culture

You’ve ever played Wolf or Cards Against Humanity? This combines both. Find a way to speak unique ideas without getting Canceled. This game is designed to show the dangers of Groupthink within the community.

Big Bank takes Little Bank

Learn the true concept of money from the Big Bank Perspecitve. You’re a Big Bank and you need to make money fast. Attract customers to put their money in your bank. Use their money to give out loans, give credit cards, and invest. The bank who makes the highest return on other people’s money wins. 

Our roadmap

Run-It-Up Physical and NFT Release

  • Phase 1

We will drop the physical release of the game along with our NFTs. You can purchase the game separately with our simple package or purchase our Billion Dollar Game Society Package which comes with a special edition game and a limited edition NFT. These NFTs will be useful once we launch our "Play to Learn to Earn Platform". These NFTs will give you advantages in these games, allow entry into special tournaments, events, unlock cool features and bonuses and etc.

Phase 1
Phase 1.1

Digital Release (Web, Android, IOS)

  • Phase 1.1

We will build a Mobile version of the game to play with all your friends and family online. 

Fan Voted Game (TBD) Physical and NFT Release

  • Phase 1.2

We have multiple games in the works. We will drop our second game and second set of NFTs with the game. The game announcement will be later. 

Phase 1.2
Phase 1.3

Fan Voted Game Digital Release (Web, Android, IOS)

  • Phase 1.3
Similar to our first release, we will drop a mobile version of our game.

Token Release to NFT Members

  • Phase 2

All members of our NFTs will receive a set amount of tokens before our public token drop. These tokens will be used to play in the "Play to Earn" version of our game and will allow entry to our exclusive Online Tournaments where you can earn real cash. 

Phase 2
Phase 3

Play To Learn and Earn (Multiple Games) and Public Token Release

  • Phase 3

We will launch our "Play to Learn and Earn" Platform which will have multiple of our games (released and unreleased) where you can play to earn tokens. This tokens will allow entry into tournaments, unlock bonuses, give advantages in games, and etc. 

Billion Dollar Game Society Metaverse

  • Phase 4

We want to build a Metaverse built around our "Play to Learn and Earn Platform".

Phase 4


Games in Development