Diversify - Cash Rules, Diversity Maintains

Diversify is a game about diversifying your income. It’s not just about stacking your money, but it’s about getting your money in different places. It’s about spending your money to make more money.

Two columns

Bank Balance and Net Income Count

Total Summary

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The Objective

Goal is to collect 7 Side Hustles. You have to collect at least one of each category listed: Real Estate, Gigs, Freelance, Business, Stocks.

The Rules

  • Each Player starts off at the same level
  • Players start off with $100 each
  • After Each Round Each Player will Receive $50 (Their initial career earnings)
  • Before a Player can start a Side Hustle, They have to save up 3 months of savings ($150). Which on top of the $100 given, you have to have a total of $250 before you can invest your money into a side Hustle.
  • A player can only purchase one side hustle after each round
  • Each player will receive 5 cards
  • The cards will contain Expenses (Negatives) and Income (Positive)
  • The goal is to have the highest net income ( Income – Expenses) from the group
  • You can replace your cards in the deck once, before you reveal your hand

  – Example you have 3 negative cards and 2 positive cards; you can turn in those 3 negative cards into the deck, and you can draw 3 new cards. That becomes your final hand

  • The person with the highest net income, gets to add their net income to their earnings
  • The losers have to pay the expenses in their hand
  • You can only purchase 3 stocks
  • For Stocks you don’t receive earnings every round; instead you can add one stock from your portfolio  to your hand
  • You also can trade-in a stock if you need money

Game Play

Playing the Round

Each player receives 5 cards from the deck. The cards can consist of positive and negative cards. If the player doesn’t like their hand, they can trade-in their undesirable for a new set of cards. The player with the highest net income WINS.

Initial Hand

Trade-In the Rent Card

Draw from the Deck

Final Hand

Winning the Round

If you win the Round (Have the Highest Net Income) you receive your net income on top of your Regular Earnings.

Losing the Hand

If you lose the Round, you have to pay the expense in your hand.

Earning Money

Initial Earnings

Each player receives 50 dollars after every round. This is representative as their regular pay.

Earnings from Side Hustles (Not Including Stocks)

Each Side Hustle has a Earnings Amount. The Earnings represent the amount of Cash your owed after the end of each round.

Earnings from Stocks

For Stocks, you don’t receive earnings every round; instead you can add one stock from your portfolio to your hand.

You also can trade-in a stock if you need money.

Investing in A Side Hustle

Investing in Main Side Hustles

Before Investing you Must Save $150 from Earnings

Each Side Hustle will have a different Price Point

You only can Purchase 1 Side Hustle at the end of each Round

You can purchase multiple in the same category

Investing in Stocks

Stocks are the Cheapest Side Hustle to Invest in

You can Purchase a Max of 3 Stocks

You can trade-in a stock for cash towards another Side Hustle

Winning The Game

Winning the Game is Simple, Invest in 7 Side Hustles. The Side Hustles have to include each of the 5 categories plus 2 more.