The Race to Riches….

The Card Game built to test your hustle. Who from your group has the highest Hustle IQ? Be the winner by making money from... Basic Gigs Freelancing Stocks Royalties  Real Estate Businesses

Fun for the Whole Family

Great For Game Night

Test Your Hustle

Game Built for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Teach your Kids How to Build True Wealth

What Type of Hustler are You?

Quick and Fun Gameplay

What's in the Game

1 Min.
Game Play

Average Game Play is Quick and Fun.

2- 1

You can play between 2-6 Players.

Starter Cards

These are the cards that will determine your starting point and guide you through the game.

Hustle Cards

Purchasing these strategically will win you the game. 

Hustle Cards

Purchase these to make money no matter the market.

Invest in Yourself Cards

Purchase these cards to get extra bonuses to help you through the game.

Playing Cards

These can be used to collect cash from your opponents, steal hustles, protect your assets, and take out loans among other things.

How to Play the game

Start the Game

Each player starts with a starter card, a 50K loan, and 5 action cards

Determine the Market

The player who goes first, rolls the dice to determine the market. The market will determine the cost and the cash each player will receive in the round.

Make your Move

Each player is allowed 3 moves per round. Moves can consist of playing an action card, taking out  loans, paying back loans, or purchasing a hustle

Stack up your Hustles

Each hustle is marked either high or low, when you purchase a hustle, be sure to put in the appropriate deck. Each hustle is worth a certain amount of hustle points.

Collect your Money

In the beginning of every round, the market will be determined. If you’re in a high market, you get paid from your high hustles, if low market, you get paid from your low hustles. If you run out of cash, you can always take out a loan from your action cards.

Run Up Your Points

You win the game by having the most hustle points at the end of the designated rounds.  Keep in mind,  if loans are not paid by the end of the game, you will be penalized in hustle points.

Hustles in the game

Real Estate
"This game is really fun. It's fast, it's competitive, it's strategic, and it changes your mindset after playing. This game is addicting, I always pull this out during game night"
Felix Doughry

"Addicting, Competitive, and Fun."

Game Magazine